Holiday Sales to Soar, Says Industry Experts


Families could still stick to their tradition of Christmas gifts this year. However, they can reduce their list of recipients. Plus, they could turn to credit cards and savings to buy them, according to an industry forecast Thursday. Who will be on the list then? It should only include children, grandparents and the nanny. Maybe […]

Amazon warns after slow sales bites

Image Source: Clarksville Now Concerns over Amazon and Apple’s upcoming profitability have increased as the digital titans have warned that the worsening global economy is hurting their sales. After the US stock market closed, Amazon shares fell more than 15% after the company lowered its holiday season sales projections. After a warning about waning demand […]

Tesla sales climb but miss expectations

Image Source: KVUE As Tesla quickly ramps up the manufacture of its electric cars, supply shortages, logistics bottlenecks, and escalating costs are affecting the company. According to Tesla’s financial statement for investors, despite recent improvements, the issues still present a serious challenge. Sales of cars fell short of forecasts, resulting in lower revenue than anticipated […]

Pound hits new 37-year low as retail sales slide

Image Source: Exchange Rates After data revealed that UK retail sales plunged significantly in August as the rise in the cost of living continued to affect consumers, the pound dropped to a 37-year low against the US dollar. The 1.6% larger-than-anticipated decline in sales volumes raised further worries about the status of the economy. August […]

California to Ban Sales of petrol-only Vehicles by 2035

Image Source: The Paradise By banning the sale of new gasoline-only automobiles by 2035, California will significantly contribute to the fight against climate change. The new rules are intended to pressure automakers to speed up with the market introduction of cleaner vehicles. In addition, it complies with Governor Gavin Newsom’s objective of accelerating the switch […]

Emirates agrees to restrict ticket sales

Image Source: Arabian Business After the airport requested that carriers reduce capacity, Emirates Airlines has agreed to set a cap on sales for its flights departing from Heathrow until mid-August. The airport has asked the Dubai airline to reject its request to reduce flight capacity quickly. On Friday morning, company executives met to discuss how […]