G7 dodged imposing a price cap on Russian oil

Image Source: Indian Express The G7 leaders appeared to avoid capping the price of Russian oil in the coming weeks, depriving Russia of its primary source of revenue to support its conflict in Ukraine. A cap has already been announced by the heads of the major western countries, most recently at a meeting of the […]

Ukraine war: Russian tourists denied entry into Finland

Image Source: Georgia Today Finland is the last of Moscow’s EU neighbors to close its border to Russian tourists as of this Friday. Russian visitors were barred from entering Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania earlier this month. However, Russians will still be able to travel to Finland to see relatives, work, and study. The choice […]

Can the world cope without Russian gas?

Image Source: CNN A vital Russian gas pipeline will close for three days at the end of August, further decreasing supplies as European countries grapple with high energy prices. Following the invasion of Ukraine in February, Western countries are attempting to reduce their imports of Russian oil and gas. Last year, Russia supplied 40% of […]

Saudi Fund Invested $500 million in Russian Oil and Gas 

Image Source: Bloomberg According to regulatory records, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, the billionaire investor who controls Kingdom Holding in Saudi Arabia, secretly spent more than $500 million on three significant Russian energy companies during February and March. Kingdom presumably sought undervalued assets by investing in Gazprom (GZPFY), Rosneft, and Lukoil, but its decision was made […]