Pound rises as Liz Truss announces resignation

Image Source: Bloomberg In response to the markets’ reactions to Prime Minister Liz Truss’ resignation, the pound appreciated against the dollar, and interest rates on government borrowing fell. As Ms. Truss announced, the pound’s value surged to $1.13 and then dropped back to $1.12 in the late afternoon. Despite much uncertainty, one expert claimed that […]

Pound rises as chancellor moves to calm markets

Image Source: Bloomberg Pound increased, and the cost of borrowing money from the government dropped. On Monday, investors cheered Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s announcement that most mini-budget tax measures would be reversed. Compared to the dollar, the pound continued in an upward trajectory and was trading above $1.13 at the close of business yesterday. In addition, […]

Google and Microsoft Shares Rises, Easing Fears

Image Source: Fox Business On Wednesday, Microsoft and Google’s earnings were allayed worries about shares on the stock market, which were stronger than anticipated. While a Federal Reserve meeting later in the day put bonds and the dollar on edge, a drop in Russian gas flow prompted the euro to languish. After Alphabet, the parent […]

Walmart issues profit warning as price rises hit

Image Source: Baking Business Walmart, a major US retailer, has issued a profit warning for the second time since May as rising food and fuel prices have a negative impact on consumer spending. The business reports that it now anticipates a 13 percent decline in profits for this year. According to a specialist, Walmart’s unexpected […]