HPG Networks Releases Brand New Merchandise

HPG Networks recently released a brand new set of merchandise, which will surely excite its loyal clients who have been enjoying the quality and unique experience of shopping online from the convenience of their homes. From branded bags to hats, office supplies, and sweatshirts, the selection remains impressive and awe-inspiring. HPG Networks wants to elevate […]

Rising Star Tra-V the Shoota Releases Brand New Single ‘Heart For Granted’

The music industry is brimming with talented individuals who pour their hearts and souls into releasing songs that inspire and motivate audiences from all across the globe. After all, music is a powerful vehicle of self-expression that allows artists to tell their stories with a distinct style and a layer of creative freedom. Tra-V the […]

Pair Releases Dreamy “The Emperor’s Heart”

Berlin, Germany-based electro-rock outfit Pair introduces their new track, “The Emperor’s Heart, the fourth single from their forthcoming debut album, The Love Equivalent. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Fosca Jr., explains, “All men are mortal. The book inspired me a lot. It’s about an emperor who has become immortal. He tries to reform the world according to his […]

Maggie Szabo Releases Inspiring “Don’t Give Up”

Pop singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo introduces her Pride anthem, “Don’t Give Up,” a song dedicated to transgender youth around the world. Maggie shares, “We should all be treated equally and with love, no matter our gender identity, who we love, where we come from, and what we look like. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed many situations where that’s […]

Music Premiere: Francesca Beghe Releases Superb ‘Francesca Beghe Live’

Thirty years ago, Joe Cocker and Sass Jordan recorded “Trust In Me,” a song written by Francesca Beghe, Charlie Midnight, and Marc Swersky. The song highlighted the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, the bestselling soundtrack of all time. Now, singer-songwriter Francesca Beghe introduces her new album, Francesca Beghe Live, which was recorded live in 2019 and […]

Music Premiere: Yify Zhang Releases Dazzling “Hallelujah”

Austin, Texas-based cinematic/indie-pop artist Yify Zhang unveils her new single, “Hallelujah,” which will be followed by the video on May 30. Talking about the song, Yify shares, “Writing ‘Hallelujah’ felt like a channeling experience. The song came out of nowhere. At first, it was just the haunting few notes of the intro. I looped it […]

Madam Bandit Releases ‘Punch You in the Face’

Electro-pop artist Madam Bandit, aka Mindy Gledhill, unveils her new EP, Punch You in the Face, an exploration of sexual liberation and feminism. Madam Bandit explains, “I grew up as the 8th child in a family of 9 kids. We had our own wonderfully bizarre family customs, one of which was a disco dance on […]

Denitia Releases Bewitching “White Lights”

Queer folk/country artist Denitia unveils her new single, “White Lights,” an appetizer for her upcoming Americana/country project, slated for this fall. Inspired by a romantic relationship, “White Lights” conveys the lesson that home is where the heart is. Originally from Houston, Denitia’s southern upbringing provides a palette for her evolving sound, which blends elements of […]

Aibai Releases Atmospheric New EP – ‘Disconnected’

Phoenix, Arizona-based producer Aibai introduces her new EP, Disconnected, transporting listeners into a dream-like state. Written during a time she felt detached from reality, Aibai immersed her feelings of removal into her music. Originally from Minneapolis, Aibai’s sound reflects her experimentation with various genres, with Disconnected mirroring an exploration of electronic dance elements. Influenced by […]

Nya Releases Dazzling “Closer Than Close”

International singer-songwriter Nya unveils her brand-new single, “Closer Than Close,” following on the heels of her previous single, “The Real You,” which entered the Top 20 on Mediabase’s Adult Contemporary chart and took the twenty-sixth slot on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. Raised in Tampa, Florida, in her interview with Variance’s Ethan Ijumba, Nya explained her […]