Bank of England will not hesitate to raise interest rates

Image Source: Express After the pound hit a historic low versus the US dollar, the Treasury and the Bank of England both made an effort to comfort investors. At its meeting, the Bank of England declared that it would “not hesitate” to raise interest rates to combat inflation. The Treasury announced that it would publish […]

US interest rates hit 14-year high amid economic downturn

Image Source: CNN To contain rising prices in the greatest economy in the world, the US central bank has raised interest rates to levels not seen in 14 years. The goal range will now be between 3% and 3.25%, according to a Federal Reserve announcement that it would increase its key rate by an additional […]

Eurozone interest rates in record rise to fight inflation

Image Source: CNN In an effort to combat inflation, the European Central Bank has announced a record increase in interest rates for the eurozone. As energy prices increase, prices in the bloc are rising at their fastest rate in 50 years. The ECB raised all of its key interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage […]

European Central Bank raises interest rates

Image Source: News Beezer The European Central Bank on Thursday stated that it would raise its benchmark interest rate by a half percentage point in a daring effort to rein in inflation. The ECB raises rates for the first time since 2011 as a result, bringing Europe’s main rate back to zero. Since 2014, rates […]