King Charles Is Too Political for the USA

King Charles

It’s safe to say that the United States does not share the same opinion about King Charles as the majority of the British people. The reason for this? Charles is highly political, and his views do not fit into with those of most Americans. With Brexit looming and reactions to Charles’ visit to the USA […]

TikTok to Ban Political Campaign Fundraising

Image Source: Gadgets 360 TikTok is prohibiting politicians and political groups from raising money on its platform, as the midterm elections are two months or less away, On Wednesday, the social networking site said on its blog that it will outlaw political campaigns’ fundraising requests. According to the business, political accounts would immediately lose access […]

What is Putin aiming for now? Ukraine at the crossroads of fate

Russia continues to invade Ukraine. Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion on February 24, approaching Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the second city of Kharkov, and it seems that some urban warfare is taking place. According to the US Department of Defense, Russian troops have deployed 190,000 troops in areas such as the border with Ukraine. Initially, about half of these were invested, but now it is said that the number of personnel has been increased to two-thirds. There are also reports that the Russian army’s advance speed is slowing due to resistance by the Ukrainian army.