EU moves to cut peak electricity use by 5%

Image Source: Bloomberg The President of the European Unioun (EU), Ursula von der Leyen has called for reductions in electricity use across the union and windfall taxation on energy companies to combat rising costs. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, she told the European Parliament, gas and power prices had reached record highs. She demanded that […]

L’Enclume Leads Cumbria Restaurants to the Peak of Gastronomical Ranks

L’Enclume is a famous restaurant in Cumbria established over 15 years ago when founder Simon Rogan and his family moved there from London. Nowadays, many guests find themselves counting this area among international foodie places like Paris or San Sebastián because of its “mind-blowing” culinary rebirth, which has led people to call L’Enclume one big […]