Amazon could pay UK shoppers up to £900m

Image Source: Emerging Europe Amazon customers in the UK may be eligible for a portion of £900 million in compensation once a lawsuit is filed. According to the proposed claim, the corporation allegedly violated competition law, leading to higher customer prices. Julie Hunter, a consumer rights advocate claims that items sold on and the […]

YouTube will pay shorts creators more in 2023

Image Source: Mashable The short-form video feature on YouTube, similar to TikTok, has been developed for two years. The process of monetizing such content is set to start, and the producers will receive a portion of the profits. Starting in early 2023, YouTube Shorts-focused creators who have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts […]

Boeing to pay $200m damages over 737 Max

Image Source: Bloomberg Boeing will pay $200 million (£177.5 million) in response to claims that it misled investors about two fatal 737 Max crashes. The aerospace giant and its former CEO Dennis Muilenburg were accused of misrepresenting safety-related risks by the US stock market watchdog. Boeing is “putting profits over people” in an effort to […]

How Trey Lance responded to Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers pay cut

Trey Lance jersey number 5, a former first round pick for the Carolina cougars and current NFL agent, has responded to news of Jimmy Garoppolo’s pay cut with the SF 49ers.The 49ers keeping Jimmy Garoppolo in Santa Clara wasn’t bad news for Trey Lance, trainer Kyle Shanahan believes. In fact, it was quite the contrary. […]

Apple sued over the Apple Pay payment system.

Image Source: Apple Apple has become the target of a lawsuit in the US due to its Apple Pay payment gateway and apparent monopoly over the market. The technology giant is accused of stifling competition from rival payment card issuers by utilizing its dominant position in the mobile phone market. An Iowa-based chartered credit union, […]

Fukushima executives ordered to pay $97bn in damages

Image Source: Suffolk Edu For failing to stop the disaster, former executives of the company that operated the Fukushima nuclear power plant have been condemned to pay 13 trillion yen (£80 billion). Shareholders filed a lawsuit against Tepco’s executives as a result of the meltdown that occurred in 2011 and were brought on by a […]

American Airlines to triple pilots’ pay

Image Source: Airline Suppliers Due to a computer scheduling error that left thousands of flights with understaffed cockpits, American Airlines has agreed to pay its pilots thrice their usual wage. Early on Saturday morning, a glitch in the scheduling software allowed pilots to cancel flights that the airline was expecting to fly for the rest […]

If Your House Burns Down Do You Have To Pay The Mortgage

If your house burns down, you are still responsible for paying the mortgage. The lender does not care if the property was damaged by a fire, flood, or another disaster. They only care that the loan is repaid. If you have insurance, you may be able to use the proceeds to pay off the mortgage.  […]