Access Funding Partners Inc. Opens More Doors of Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Envisioning oneself entering and dominating an industry is one thing. Transforming the vision into action is a whole other story. Countless hopefuls dream, but they often miss the most important and demanding thing about succeeding – materializing it. A substantial number of established authorities admitted that the challenge in rising above was knowing where to […]

Interview: Kidswaste Opens Up about “Waves,” His New EP, and His Growth

Kidswaste releases his new single “Waves,” the final single from his upcoming sophomore EP, Colors of Your Heart, via noted tastemaker imprint Counter Records. “Waves” follows on the heels of “Time is Mine” with Olivia Reid, “Let Go,” and “Fall In,” featuring Lizzy Land. It also heralds Kidswaste’s highly anticipated, month-long US headlining tour, beginning […]

Interview: WizG Opens Up about His Evolving Sound and “Don’t Wanna Need You Now”

Los Angeles-based dance-pop artist WizG, aka Josh Wizan, dropped his brand-new single, “Don’t Wanna Need You Now,” a few days ago. Talking about “Don’t Wanna Need You Now,” WizG shares, “I couldn’t be more excited for this release of music. It represents the next chapter in my growth as an artist — a complete refresh […]