Ditto only offers its customers nothing less than quality workmanship

The importance of the human touch could not be more evident than in transcription. It is simply impossible to replace a real person when it comes to capturing an important message, and that is why Ben Walker founded Ditto Transcripts based out of Denver, Colorado. The company was previously known as Transcription Outsourcing, LLC and […]

Check Out Bills Cafe That Offers Various Meal Options

Bills Cafe

Bills Cafe is a small chain of restaurants that operates in Southern California. Founded in 2004 by successful restaurateur George Bill, they are known as a “Grown-Up Buffet” and focus on healthy foods and organic produce. They offer customized dishes with an emphasis on providing variety for their customers and catering to various dietary restrictions […]

The University of Texas Offers Literary Course for Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift Literary Icon

Photo: Hello Giggles Swifties may like it in Texas.  The University of Texas at Austin gives students the chance to study the songs of Taylor Swift, alongside works by legendary literary figures such as Shakespeare, John Keats and Robert Frost. Currently, the school offers an undergraduate course called The Taylor Swift Songbook, which will be […]