Fajr bank l.l.c with more than 10 years of experience in financial system method, has launched its own unique digital currency exchange (coinhub) in UAE

As the powerful wise president Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wrote on Twitter that the independent authority “will oversee the development of the world’s best business environment for virtual assets, in terms of regulation, licensing, management, and in line with local and global financial systems.” And Fajr Bank has the honor of an announcement for launching its own unique digital currency exchange (coinhub).

The best investment interview for 2022 according to Sinan Ezam

What is the impact of the corona on the state of financial markets compared to previous years? In 2020, we faced a corona pandemic as countries’ economies plunged into a severe crisis; on the other hand, with each new variant of the virus, more concerns arose for businesses and people.

Who are the famous Iranian artists in the field of music?

Mohammad Reza Shajarian Reason for becoming famous: the type of sound and style specific to the self-performance of memorable national patriotic songs and compositions. Famous album: Nova, Bidad, Ham Nova with Bam and… He was also a calligrapher in Nastaliq script, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Iranian House of Music, founder of the […]