Microsoft Activision deal could lessen competition

Image Source: The Verge According to a UK watchdog, the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft may significantly reduce competition in consoles, multi-game subscription services, and game streaming. Microsoft wants to pay $68.7 billion (£59.2 billion) for the maker of Overwatch, Candy Crush, and Call of Duty. However, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority […]

Google and Microsoft Shares Rises, Easing Fears

Image Source: Fox Business On Wednesday, Microsoft and Google’s earnings were allayed worries about shares on the stock market, which were stronger than anticipated. While a Federal Reserve meeting later in the day put bonds and the dollar on edge, a drop in Russian gas flow prompted the euro to languish. After Alphabet, the parent […]

Google and Microsoft Calm the Dow’s Nerve


Photo: Unsplash Google and Microsoft shares did better than expected on Wednesday, which helped calm the Dow’s nerves. While gas supplies from Russia remained cut, the European Union’s currency was stagnant. And a Federal Reserve meeting later in the day put bonds and the dollar on edge. Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet both revealed high […]

Netflix and Microsoft come together for cheaper plans

Image Source: Adweek In order to provide users with a less expensive subscription option that includes advertisements, Netflix has partnered with Microsoft. The industry leader in streaming claims that the service will be an “addition” to its current subscriptions, which are free of advertisements. However, how much the business intends to charge customers for the […]