TRNDY Social focuses on celebrity marketing with a personal touch

[ad_1] Mike Visnick & Logan Simmons, Founders of TRNDY Social  Personal branding has quickly become one of the most in-demand careers for many as brands have turned their attention to influencers, athletes & celebrities with massive followings on various platforms. Notable marketing company, TRNDY Social, is tapping into this space and acting as the bridge […]

Zack Williams Bringing Marketing Closer to Business Owners of All Levels

[ad_1] Extensive marketing is usually not easy to grasp, especially if you are still a budding business, so often, it is out of the reach of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. However, marketing expert and founder of ROI Marketing Firm Zack Williams is sharing his extensive wealth of experience with entrepreneurs to help them grow, scale their businesses, […]

Michael Ciminella | American Businessman, Marketing Consultant

Michael Ciminella

[ad_1] Michael Ciminella is an American businessman and marketing consultant who spent his career in the marketing industry. He has been able to witness the changes in the field of marketing technology first hand and provides his perspective on what this means for marketers. Introduction Welcome to the blog section of Michael Ciminella’s website. Here, […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

The Beginner's Guide to Instagram Marketing

[ad_1] Are you looking to market your business on Instagram? If so, you’re in the right place! We will discuss everything you need to know about marketing your business on Instagram. We will cover topics such as creating a successful Instagram strategy, growing your followers, and using hashtags effectively. By the end of this blog […]

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Marketing Reporting

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Marketing Reporting

[ad_1] Marketing reporting is indispensable. Whether you’re reporting on marketing activity for a client or just creating internal reports, your analytic endeavors will help you understand your past performance and set the course for more effective marketing management in the future. Unfortunately, there are many ways to get marketing reporting wrong, both in the data […]