FTX: Cryptocurrency market in near-collapse

[ad_1] Image Source: Bitcoin News The near collapse of FTX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has shaken the market for digital assets. After many withdrawals caused FTX to run out of cash on Tuesday, it made a deal to get help from a more significant competitor, Binance. FTX’s financial health concerns […]

The Cook Up: Mixer for producers and artists hosted by Just Jam Sessions & United Market

[ad_1] Get ready for the first-ever Cook Up event for music creatives, hosted by collaborative platform United Market and event creator Just Jam Sessions. The session is a mixer for rising music producers and artists to collaborate and receive introductions to more well-known creatives in the music industry. The Cook Up, hosted by platinum producer […]

Explore The Top Dim Sum Palace in Market Today

Dim sum palace

[ad_1] The best dim sum palace on the market are filled with an enormous variety of mouth-watering dishes, which is why they have become so popular in cities worldwide. Whether you’re interested in a large selection of Shanghai cuisine or want to try authentic Cantonese options, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose  1. Ocean […]

6 budget-friendly strategies to market your beauty salon

[ad_1] You want to promote your beauty salon, but overspending on marketing efforts is a sure-fire way to reduce or even eliminate your profits. Luckily, there are several salon marketing solutions that will still get plenty of customers through the door without breaking the bank. Here are six cost-effective strategies you can try to promote […]

EU moves to tame ‘Wild West’ crypto market

[ad_1] Image Source: Crypto Slate According to EU parliamentarians, the European Union has approved groundbreaking regulations for the industry as the price collapse of bitcoin increases pressure on policymakers to control the market. Cryptocurrency assets are generally uncontrolled globally, and national operators in the EU are merely needed to demonstrate safeguards to prevent money laundering. […]