The Key News and Odds Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year sees the 66th running of the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s in Italy for the third time. How are the different songs shaping up for this spectacular show to be held in Turin, and which ones are among the favorites to win the event this time around? A Look at Some of the […]

A Guide To Key Elements Of Rust For First-Time Players


Rust has remained a top favorite among millions of avid gamers worldwide when it comes to hardcore and thrilling one-of-a-kind survival games. The game pushes players to use their imagination, creativity, and base survival skills to stay unharmed in different environments for as long as possible. They must use remarkable Rust maps to navigate their […]

Mental illness: Stigma or Judgment? Kevin Kearns’ book, There’s Light in the Tunnel: How to Survive and Thrive With Depression, Unlocks the Key

Although the world has made significant strides in promoting and spreading awareness about mental health, more intensive efforts are needed to ensure that the future is filled with safe spaces that acknowledge its impact and foster people’s wellbeing. For many years, the mental health of various individuals has suffered through several struggles and stigmatizing circumstances, […]