Championing a New Era of Natural Beauty and Health

In the realm of wellness and self-care, one name stands out as a beacon of inspiration and change – Bodela. This dynamic and innovative brand is challenging the norms of the natural beauty industry, rising as a trailblazer in the holistic healing space. With a repertoire of extraordinary products and services, Bodela’s commitment to promoting […]

Inspiring a New Era in Winemaking

Monae's Wine: Inspiring a New Era in Winemaking

In the rich tapestry of the winemaking industry, Dr. Monique Simone Barr is weaving an unconventional narrative. Her unwavering determination and resilience have culminated in the creation of a distinguished wine collection, Monae’s Wine. In an industry steeped in tradition, male dominance, and European heritage, Dr. Barr is crafting a distinctive path and challenging the […]

The UK faces tougher austerity era – ex-Bank chief

Image Source: Financial News London A former governor of the Bank of England has cautioned that the UK faces a “more challenging” period of austerity than the one that followed the financial crisis to stabilize the economy. According to Lord Mervyn King, “much higher taxes” may be imposed on the typical citizen to pay for […]