House of the Dragon Continues to Soar with its Second Episode

House of the Dragon

Photo: EW House of the Dragon is not finished yet and may not be until its finale.  Episode 2 of HBO’s talked-about Game of Thrones prequel attracted 10.2 million watchers on all platforms on Sunday evening, the network revealed on Monday. That means there is a 2% hike from the August 21 premiere, which alone […]

Riverdale Showrunner Teases ‘Apocalyptic’ Final Episode This Season

Riverdale Cast

Photo: Black Film Riverdale citizens have dodged another bullet: In the last events of the last episode, they tamed another impossible goal and utilized their new abilities to unite and put an end to Percival’s (Chris O’Shea) wickedness.  However, they weren’t given time to catch their breath. (It always happens.) By the end of the […]

Neil Patrick Harris Portrays a Role in an Upcoming Doctor Who 2023 Episode

Photo: Everyday Koala Neil Patrick Harris is scheduled to appear in the sci-fi film where he will encounter an alien with two hearts. The BBC has announced that the actor will star in Doctor Who and is currently filming for an episode to be released next year, the 60th year since the show debuted.  “It’s […]