SVB: Digital banks are the winners

Image Source: Bloomberg Digital banks so far are the biggest beneficiaries of the fallout of the Silicon Valley Bank. Mercury, based in San Francisco, started getting a lot of requests for new accounts last Thursday morning. This was a day after Silicon Valley Bank said it had sold $21 billion in securities at a loss […]

Mahmoudieh is an architect, interior designer, and digital entrepreneur

As global awareness of the threat of plastic to the natural environment increases, designers are spearheading the trend of repurposing ‘waste’ materials to produce something new, sustainable, and beautiful. Upcycling is the practice of repurposing unwanted or underused items into new products with added value and less environmental impact, Architect and designer Yasmine Mahmoudieh‘s exceptional […]

Paris Fashion Week Enthusiasts Had Enough of Digital Runway

Photo: CNN Fashion editors, celebrities and influencers are ready to face the capricious climate of Paris as long as there is a fashion show, especially the latest men’s collections. After several seasons of digital shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless designers decided to push the boundaries of physical presentations – including an acrobatic performance […]

Digital Farm Animals Brings Feel Good Tech-House/Disco Vibes with “Streets Of Gold,” Featuring Kelli-Leigh

British artist Digital Farm Animals makes his debut on Helix Records with disco-house single “Streets Of Gold,” featuring British singer/songwriter Kelli-Leigh. Piano chords and Kelli’s soulful vocals open the track, while the “Pigman” seamlessly incorporates a groovy beat and upbeat melodies to make for a dance-worthy sonic gem that signifies Helix Records’ first proper club […]

Facebook Rebrands Itself as Meta, Marks Entry Into the ‘Next Digital Frontier’

Image Source: Facebook has been subject to criticisms from the media and various institutions claiming that the platform has been instrumental in spreading misinformation and unethical data gathering. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained how the company has suffered under such shadows. And so, on a mission to change the public’s perception, Facebook takes a […]

Digital Transformation in 2022

From hopeful new nanorobot therapies to the announcement of an imminent entry into the metaverse. The year that we have just left behind has been, to say the least, intense. The evident new needs of society have also brought with them great advances. Not only in the field of medicine, but also in the technological […]