E-Commerce Giant Amazon Uncovers a Possible Redundancy

Jeff Bezos

[ad_1] Amazon is currently preparing to cut thousands of office jobs. This is reportedly due to declining sales and fears of a recession. Additionally, the layoffs could affect 3% of the e-commerce company’s employees, or about 10,000 people, US media said, citing unidentified sources. The job cuts would potentially affect departments like personal devices and […]

Amazon Set to Lay Off 10,000 Employees


[ad_1] Image Source: Bring Me the News The New York Times reported that Amazon plans to lay off about 10,000 people in corporate and technology jobs as soon as this week because sales have slowed down. The Times said that the layoffs would primarily affect Amazon’s devices group, which makes things like the Alexa voice […]

Amazon warns after slow sales bites

[ad_1] Image Source: Clarksville Now Concerns over Amazon and Apple’s upcoming profitability have increased as the digital titans have warned that the worsening global economy is hurting their sales. After the US stock market closed, Amazon shares fell more than 15% after the company lowered its holiday season sales projections. After a warning about waning […]

Amazon could pay UK shoppers up to £900m

[ad_1] Image Source: Emerging Europe Amazon customers in the UK may be eligible for a portion of £900 million in compensation once a lawsuit is filed. According to the proposed claim, the corporation allegedly violated competition law, leading to higher customer prices. Julie Hunter, a consumer rights advocate claims that items sold on Amazon.co.uk and […]

Amazon Labor Union next showdown in New York

[ad_1] Image Source: CNN In what was generally regarded as a “David vs. Goliath” struggle, a grassroots worker group achieved history in April by obtaining enough votes to establish the first US union at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York. But, unfortunately, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU), which belonged to the same organization, […]

Amazon Faces Legal Complaint Over Sodium Nitrite Sale that Killed 2 Minors

Amazon, Sodium Nitrite

[ad_1] Amazon is under fire and faces a lawsuit for selling suicide kits taken from the families of two teenagers who bought a deadly chemical on the company’s website and used it to commit suicide. The parents of Kristine Jonsson, 16, from Ohio and the parents of Ethan McCarthy, 17, from West Virginia, said the […]

Amazon Prime subscription price raised by £1 a month

[ad_1] Image Source: News24 Due to rising operating expenses, Amazon prime will increase the price of its Prime program for UK users. Beginning in September, annual membership will cost £95 instead of £79, and monthly memberships will increase from £1 to £8.99. Amazon claimed that the price increase—its first in the UK since 2014—was partially […]

Amazon targets 10,000 fake reviews Facebook groups

[ad_1] Image Source: Business Wire Amazon is suing the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups. It claims that the organizations are creating phony reviews for the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan markets on Amazon.com. The tech giant claims that the organizations offer cash or free goods in exchange for Amazon reviews. […]