Amazon Prime subscription price raised by £1 a month

Image Source: News24 Due to rising operating expenses, Amazon prime will increase the price of its Prime program for UK users. Beginning in September, annual membership will cost £95 instead of £79, and monthly memberships will increase from £1 to £8.99. Amazon claimed that the price increase—its first in the UK since 2014—was partially a […]

Amazon targets 10,000 fake reviews Facebook groups

Image Source: Business Wire Amazon is suing the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups. It claims that the organizations are creating phony reviews for the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan markets on The tech giant claims that the organizations offer cash or free goods in exchange for Amazon reviews. One […]

Renowned Student, Mobeen Mian, Drops “Diversity Manuscript” On Amazon Books

Varied cooperation and partnership is the essential notion to establishing any startup company, small business, or even organization. A recent publication by Mobeen Mian, doctoral student, was published  on implementing diversity in upper and middle management. Mian skillfully breaks down a large subject and drops ‘Incorporation of Diversity in Upper and Middle Managements.’ In July […]