US firms added 261,000 new jobs in October

New Jobs

[ad_1] Image Source: Vox Even though prices and borrowing costs are rising, the economy is still adding new jobs at a steady, slow rate. The US Labor Department said on Friday that employers added 261,000 new jobs in October, while the unemployment rate increased slightly to 3.7%. The news comes as voters still worry most […]

US employers added 263,000 new jobs

[ad_1] Image Source: Vox As the unemployment rate fell to 3.5% in September, US employers created 263,000 new jobs, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. After winning back all of the employment lost during the epidemic, the labor market has recently exhibited symptoms of weakening. The increase in employment […]

The US economy added 315,000 new jobs in August 

[ad_1] Image Source: NPR The US added 315,000 new jobs in August, as the labor market remained strong despite signs of a deteriorating economy. The US labor market lost 22 million jobs at the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020 but rebounded after the Covid lockdowns were lifted. Despite four-decade-high rates of inflation and […]

The US economy added 528,000 jobs in a surprise gain

[ad_1] Image Source: VOA News Despite high inflation, stricter monetary policy, and limited fiscal support, the US economy unexpectedly added 528,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate dropped to a half-century low, easing fears of a recession. In comparison to June, when the economy generated 398,000 jobs—more than twice as many as the 250,000 […]