An interview with Mr. Reza Bahrami, an Iranian singer and writer

Reza Bahrami, was born on May 20, 1977 in Tehran, Iran. Since the time I was young, I felt I could write and sing in the field of music. At school, I usually wrote good essays, and in the school choir, I was always one of the pioneers. But I seriously started writing at the age of 25, and I wrote my first book at this age called The Miracle of Movement.

How does a music become popular?

Reza Moosavi Singer, model, filmmaker, photographer, musician, and screenwriter, We asked Mr. Reza Moosavi how do you do all these activities together?

The reason why the Academy Award, “Power of the Dog” is said to be a big favorite

Academy Award nominees have been announced (finally, there is a list of Best Picture and Best Director). The attention-grabbing “Drive My Car” (directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi) is a candidate in four categories including the Best Picture and Best Directing Awards, and expectations for the award ceremony to be held on March 27, local time, where […]

Where do I sit? This is what the classrooms of the future look like

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF), has concluded the first intensive course called “Classroom of the future”, which aims to train in digital technological skills of the teachers. The Classroom of the Future is a project promoted by the European Union (known by […]

The 5 Best Christmas Markets

The list of the 20 destinations with the best Christmas markets on the continent has been based on the votes of thousands of travelers who have placed more than 100 markets at the top of their ranking. This year, 173,620 travelers from 163 countries participated in the online voting process, with 61% of the votes […]

Five Guinness World Records for money and economy

The oldest bond in the world Back in 1624 a Dutch woman named Ellsjen Jorisdochter purchased a perpetual bond in exchange for lending money to build one of the Netherlands’ dykes. Specifically, 1,200 guilders at the time. The funny thing is that the bonus (handwritten on goatskin) is still active. Although the issuing entity disappeared […]