From Buffet to Icahn: Investing Masters Show How to Successfully Reinvent Yourself

The figure of the guru has always been present in the stock market environment. For decades, fund managers, analysts and retail investors have had as a reference the investment dynamics of these great sharks of finance, which over time and changing trends have been readapting their models. Nothing lasts forever: oil is not the bicoca […]

When is the best time to invest in a company that is going public?

Some may no longer remember the days when there were two types of bank accounts: checking accounts and savings accounts. The former were remunerated, and the latter offered returns of several percentage points in exchange for securing a deposit for, say, one year.   A little over a decade ago, a national sport, which could […]

Active managers’ paradise is emerging corporate debt

The recipe for the perfect portfolio always depends on the weather, the conditions and the profile of each client. Emerging corporate bond markets may seem exotic to some investors, but it is true that active pursuit always lies with opportunities.   Do you think that, in a time of low rates, this is one of […]