Trudeau’s Strange Posture Is The New Subject Of The Media

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Justin Trudeau is currently in Hiroshima, Japan before holding a meeting with South Korean officials; First, celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ottawa and Seoul and sign several new agreements.

According to the Guardian newspaper, this was while the way Trudeau stood in the meeting with Kim Jin-pyo, the speaker of the National Parliament of South Korea, was criticized by the Canadian media and praised by the Korean media and people.

Trudeau took a commemorative photo with Kim Jin-pyo before his speech at the National Assembly of South Korea. In this photo, Pew stood on tiptoe in front of the cameras to make up for the 20 cm height difference between him and Trudeau. To shorten his height, Trudeau also opened his legs to be the same height as this Korean official.

Korean media praised Trudeau’s action and considered it respect for the culture and appearance of South Korean people and equality with them. In this connection, “Chosan” magazine also described this action of Trudeau as “a heartwarming scene”. However, this gesture of Trudeau did not go down well with the people of Canada, and the way he stood led to a wave of criticism.

It is not the first time that Trudeau has made such gestures when meeting with officials. He had previously become the subject of the media with his special way of shaking hands and wearing strange socks.