Phenium: A Deliciously Sustainable Solution

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In the fast-paced world of food service, safety and efficiency are critical. Phenium, an innovative food safety monitoring and analytics dashboard, has quickly become a go-to solution for many in the industry. With its IoT sensing and collaborative mobile tools, Phenium provides businesses with an easily installed and user-friendly system that helps them get ahead of risk and save time and money.  

But there’s more to Phenium than just being a practical tool. This cloud-based system also has impressive sustainability credentials that have been revealed recently. In 2022, Phenium reached record-high installations, optimizing over 815 individual items of kitchen equipment. By doing so, the system has been able to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially those produced during the disposal process of refrigeration units.  

Since its launch in 2019, Phenium has accumulated a staggering 135 million data points, saving almost 42,000 work hours. This has also resulted in a significant reduction in food waste, translating to a cost saving of $2.6 million for clients. These impressive achievements have contributed to creating a more sustainable and healthy world by reducing the amount of food waste that goes into landfills. Phenium has also been instrumental in avoiding more than 2,400 food safety incidents and optimizing over 500 fridges and freezers.  

Phenium can reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability by optimizing a greater number of fridges and freezers. Since the majority of emissions from refrigeration units occur during disposal, it’s essential to extend their lifespan through optimization. With more data on optimization, Phenium can effectively decrease emissions and minimize food waste, contributing to a safer and more sustainable world.  

Phenium’s long-term value and time-saving capabilities are impressive, but it’s the system’s ability to reduce food waste and eliminate foodborne illness that makes it truly stand out. The company works with big names in the Bay Area and beyond, constantly pushing forward with their integrations to deliver the best food safety solutions for their customers.  

Phenium aims to revolutionize the food service industry by empowering businesses with the tools to grow and thrive. Their sights are set on decision-makers and influential people within the industry, offering them a comprehensive system that promises to deliver impressive results. But their mission doesn’t end there; they also recognize the importance of educating kitchen staff on the system’s benefits, ensuring that everyone within the organization is on board with the plan. With a team dedicated to driving business growth and development, Phenium is poised to make a meaningful impact on the industry and leave a lasting legacy for years to come.  

Phenium is a company that can make a real difference in reducing food waste, prolonging the longevity of equipment, and avoiding food safety fines. This innovative system cares not only about reducing foodborne illness but also about carbon emissions, food waste, and sustainability. By choosing Phenium, businesses can become more sustainable and save money in the process.