Issuance Of Arrest Warrant For The Governor Of The Central Bank Of Lebanon

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According to the reports published on Russia Elium website, yesterday the French prosecutor of the relevant case issued an arrest warrant for Riyad Salameh, the head of the Central Bank of Lebanon, who did not appear in court.

Riyad Salameh, who is facing charges of embezzlement, money laundering and illegal acquisition, was accused by this French court some time ago and had to appear in the court sessions.

However, the refusal of the head of the Central Bank of Lebanon to appear in court caused the prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant for him.

Riyad Salameh had to appear in the French court yesterday to answer his numerous accusations in financial fields and be charged.

In recent days, the security agencies in Lebanon had informed about their efforts to present the court order to Riad Salameh, but their efforts had not reached anywhere due to the lack of information about the residence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Lebanon’s internal security issued a statement and announced that it has tried four times in a row to present the verdict of this court to Salameh, but each time the efforts in this field have been deadlocked.

According to the report, in the last case, the Lebanese security forces were present at the headquarters of the Central Bank of Lebanon, trying to present the French court order to Riad Salameh, where they were told that the head of the Central Bank was present at his workplace due to public protests and security conditions. has not been

In recent years, Lebanon has faced several crises, one of the main of which is the crisis of depositors in this country. In recent years, the Central Bank of Lebanon has refused to hand over the foreign currency deposits of the Lebanese people to them and has related this issue to the problem of lack of currency in this country.