Inspiring a New Era in Winemaking

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Monae's Wine: Inspiring a New Era in Winemaking


In the rich tapestry of the winemaking industry, Dr. Monique Simone Barr is weaving an unconventional narrative. Her unwavering determination and resilience have culminated in the creation of a distinguished wine collection, Monae’s Wine. In an industry steeped in tradition, male dominance, and European heritage, Dr. Barr is crafting a distinctive path and challenging the status quo.

Monae’s Wine is no ordinary collection; it encapsulates a profound ethos of authenticity, accessibility, and artisanship. The mission is simple and compelling: “Create premier wine that is authentic, accessible, and artisanal.” Embodying the brand’s philosophy is a quote that beautifully illustrates its essence: “Wine made with passion: to Inspire, Cultivate, & Relax One’s Spirit!!”

Dr. Barr’s odyssey into the world of winemaking commenced after completing Cornell’s Wine Essentials classes. Armed with acquired skills and a wealth of knowledge, she launched “Monae’s Wines,” an emblem of her triumph as one of the few certified Black female winemakers in the nation.

Her endeavors in winemaking extend far beyond personal accomplishments. Barr is using her platform to advocate for underrepresented demographics in the wine world, particularly Black females. She’s consciously striving to bridge the gap in representation, an endeavor driven by courage and an inherent sense of purpose.

Dr. Barr candidly admits, “Starting a business as a Black woman requires a lot of gumption.” However, she remains undeterred and resolute, bolstered by the support of her loving husband and an inspiring community that stands alongside her through thick and thin.

It takes extraordinary confidence and fortitude to penetrate an industry with deep-rooted gender and racial biases. As one of the pioneering Black female wine collection owners, Dr. Barr is committed to fostering encouragement and inspiration for the ensuing generation of minority female entrepreneurs, aiming to pave a path for shared prosperity.

Her role as a leader isn’t merely about pioneering new avenues; it’s about inspiring change, fostering inclusivity, and engendering a legacy that extends well beyond her tenure. With every bottle of Monae’s Wine, she offers more than an exceptional wine experience. She embodies a spirit of defiance against norms, a rallying cry for inclusion, and an invitation to a future generation of diverse winemakers.

Embrace the passion exuded in every bottle of Monae’s Wine and partake in Dr. Monique Simone Barr’s inspirational journey. Visit their website,, or connect with them on Instagram at monaes_wine and on Facebook at Nikki Murdock. Monae’s Wine is not just a testament to exquisite taste, but it also stands as a symbol of diversity, inclusivity, and inspiration for the future of winemaking.