America’s Who’s Who Inducts Andre Henry for Exceptional Leadership in Promoting Financial Literacy

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Andre Henry


Social entrepreneurship has become a notable strategy for addressing social issues in recent times. Rather than prioritizing profit maximization, it focuses on developing and implementing sustainable business models that prioritize social and environmental impact. Andre Henry, the founder of DreamAgain and a leading social entrepreneur, has made significant contributions to this field, earning him multiple awards and recognition. 

Henry received the Social Entrepreneur Award in 2021, which is a prestigious recognition for individuals who demonstrate exceptional entrepreneurial abilities to tackle social problems. Furthermore, Henry’s dedication to advancing financial literacy has garnered noteworthy acclaim. 

Financial literacy involves understanding and effectively handling one’s financial assets. It is a vital skill that enables both individuals and communities to make informed financial choices. Henry’s organization is dedicated to providing financial education programs that equip individuals with the skills they need to manage their finances and attain financial autonomy. 

Henry was presented the Financial Literacy Award in recognition of his efforts to promote financial literacy. This prestigious accolade is reserved for individuals and groups who demonstrate a strong dedication to enhancing financial literacy within their communities. Henry’s organization has achieved noteworthy results in advancing financial literacy among individuals and families, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Henry was honored with a spot in America’s Who’s Who in 2023 for his outstanding accomplishments in social entrepreneurship and financial literacy. This esteemed association acknowledges exceptional individuals who have exhibited excellence in their respective domains and made notable contributions to society. 

After being exposed to a more privileged way of life, Andre was motivated to seek education and improve his prospects. He enrolled at Wilmington University and eventually landed a job as a corporate accountant, but he remained mindful of his humble beginnings. Instead of resting on his laurels, he leveraged his success to create positive change in underprivileged communities. 

After going through the projects, Andre felt compelled to give back to his community. Observing that many people were still trapped in the same circumstances, he was determined to assist them in breaking free from the cycle of poverty. He began volunteering and arranging community gatherings, ultimately emerging as a leading advocate for change. 

Henry’s story exemplifies the values of perseverance and diligence. Despite being raised without knowledge of his father’s identity and experiencing the loss of his mother at an early age, he transcended these obstacles and pursued his aspirations. 

Henry grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania, under the care of a single mother. However, when he was eight years old, his life took a tragic turn when his mother passed away in a car accident. Nevertheless, despite facing adversity, Henry remained determined and continued to put in diligent efforts towards his education. 

During his high school years, Henry developed a passion for football and joined tournaments. He also distinguished himself as the captain of the track and field team, securing victory in the 4×200 State Champion District Relay. His diligence and commitment to his studies yielded academic success, as he attained the esteemed title of Champion Distinguished Honor Student. 

After completing his studies at Upper Darby High School in 2011, Henry embarked on his academic journey by enrolling at Wilmington University, where he pursued a degree in Business and Finance. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor’s degree. Henry’s academic prowess did not go unnoticed, as he was honored with the Institute of Management Accounting Awards in 2013 while studying at Wilmington University. 

Henry established DreamAgain in 2013, a firm that supports people in conquering obstacles and realizing their aspirations. His proficiency in marketing played a crucial role in expanding the company. Henry’s entrepreneurial skills earned him recognition as a finalist for Miami Emerge Venture Capitalist in 2016. Besides his ventures in entrepreneurship, he also gained recognition in creative fields. Prior to DreamAgain, he authored a wordless comic series titled DreamAgain, which he intends to transform into a video game by 2023. 

In spite of encountering several obstacles, he focused on his objectives and worked tirelessly to attain them. He stands as a source of motivation for those confronting hardship, demonstrating that with perseverance and diligence, one can accomplish anything. 

Henry’s journey exemplifies the potency of diligence, commitment, and persistence. Despite encountering numerous obstacles, he remained steadfast in his aspirations and pursued his passions with unwavering focus. His accomplishments in finance, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and creative fields showcase his versatile abilities and his eagerness to acquire new knowledge and expand his horizons. 

Henry’s involvement with DreamAgain and authoring the book, “From Orphan to Self-Made Millionaire,” is truly uplifting, as it could offer a ray of hope to those who are confronting challenging circumstances. 

Henry persists in the pursuit of his aspirations and makes a constructive contribution to society. By collaborating with DreamAgain, he assists people in surmounting challenges and attaining their objectives. His narrative serves as a testament to the fact that with determination and diligence, anyone can conquer barriers and attain extraordinary accomplishments.