The Resignation Of The Head Of The “BBC”

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According to the official reports of BBC, “Richard Sharp”, the head of this news network, announced his resignation from this network yesterday, and now he is going to continue to manage affairs temporarily until a new successor is appointed.

According to this English media, the results of the investigations indicate that some rules were violated in the process of appointing him as the head of this network. Some other British media reported that weeks before the appointment of Sharb as the head of this network affiliated with the London government, he prepared the conditions for receiving a loan of 800 thousand pounds for the British Prime Minister and shortly after Johnson as the head of this network.

Sharpe’s resignation comes after the publication of the results of the investigation, which found that he had been promoted to head of the BBC after facilitating a loan for Johnson. On the other hand, Sharp himself has described the violation of the rules in the process of becoming the head of this English network as accidental and unintentional. Also, last January, he was heavily criticized by the people for helping “Boris Johnson”, the former Prime Minister of England.