Terms Of Peace In The Ukrainian Language

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According to the news reports of Ryanovsti, Ukrainian President Zelensky has announced that his precondition for achieving peace in Ukraine is his country’s control over Crimea.

The president of Ukraine further emphasized that there is no alternative option for recapturing Crimea, not only for Ukraine, but for the whole world, as well as for the world order based on international agreements and the UN Charter.

All these events are happening while the Russian authorities have repeatedly announced that they are ready to talk with Ukraine, but the Ukrainian government has not started these negotiations for some reason, and Volodymyr Zelensky , the president of Ukraine, emphasized at the G20 meeting that there is no dialogue or agreement. It will not work with Russia.

It should be noted that the US foreign minister had previously announced that the country’s authorities do not see any possibility of starting ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Anthony Blinken said in the context of these events: “If the peace talks mean legitimizing the occupation of a significant part of the territory of Ukraine, this peace does not seem to be fair and long-lasting.”