Teachers Strike Again In England

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Around 98 percent of those who voted rejected the pay offer, Sky News reported, and teachers planned a major strike on April 27 and May 2.

The strike of English teachers started again in protest of their low wages, and due to the possibility of widespread protests, more serious problems may arise in the education process of children.

Members of the National Education Union (NEU), along with tens of thousands of teachers, are on strike this week, leading to the closure of some schools; Major education unions in England have already announced that a number of teachers may go on strike in the near future in criticism of salary and salary issues.

During previous National Education Union strikes in February and March, many schools were closed.

The British government has announced that it has offered teachers £1,000 for the current school year, plus an average 4.5% increase next year.

The National Education Union called the government’s salary proposal offensive and said between 42 and 58 percent of schools would have to cut costs.

195,000 members of the British National Education Union participated in voting on the government’s legal proposal, and 191,000 rejected it.