Bill Gates responded controversially to Elon Musk’s letter about stopping artificial intelligence

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Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, told Reuters that requests to stop the development of artificial intelligence will not solve the challenges ahead, but a suitable solution for these problems should be provided.

Bill Gates stated that it is better to focus on the best way to use the advances of artificial intelligence, because it is difficult to understand how a pause can solve the challenge on a global scale.

His interview with Reuters comes after an open letter was published last week and signed by Elon Musk and more than 1,000 artificial intelligence experts. The letter demanded an immediate halt to the development of new GPT-4 systems owned by OpenAI.

Gates also said on Monday, “I don’t think asking a particular group to stop is going to solve the challenges.” He added that it is clear that there are many advantages in artificial intelligence; What we need to thoroughly investigate at the first opportunity is to identify the difficult points.

While Gates is an optimistic supporter of artificial intelligence and has described it as revolutionary like the Internet or mobile phones. Microsoft has always sought to outpace its peers with a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT.

A few days before the open letter was published, he said in a blog titled “The Age of Artificial Intelligence” that he believes artificial intelligence should be used to help reduce some of the world’s worst inequalities. “I really don’t know if every country in the world will agree to stop artificial intelligence,” Gates said. But there are many different opinions on this matter.