The opening ceremony of Nowruz International Games was held in Tehran

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In this opening ceremony, which was held for the first period of Nowruz International Games, the presence of officials including “Mohammed Mokhbar”, the first vice president, “Ansieh Khazali”, the vice president for women and family affairs, “Syed Mohammad Poladgar” and “Sina Kalhor” We were the Minister of Sports and Youth, Maryam Kazmipour, the Vice President of Women’s Sports Development, and the heads of sports federations.

This series of Nowruz competitions will be held for the first time in the international arena with the presence of countries that celebrate Nowruz.

In these competitions, more than 500 athletes from 20 countries will compete in 9 sports in three days.

The countries of Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Russia, Armenia, UAE, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Palestine, Thailand and Nepal in athletics, horse riding, polo in a demonstration. , karate, liver, futsal, weightlifting, fencing and judo will compete.

These competitions will be held from tomorrow until March 22.