The Amazing New Project Of Elixir Of Youth!

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Altman is the name of the man who is recognized by ChatGPT artificial intelligence as the most important man of the year 2023 in the world. He is now looking for an amazing new project. Truth to the elixir of youth!

According to Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, who made a lot of noise with the release of the chatbot ChatGPT, has invested $180 million in this new project during a biotechnology startup with the aim of discovering the elixir of long life.

Retro’s biotech company’s mission is to find anti-aging and longevity mechanisms in non-human primates and apply those strategies to humans. Altman’s interest in discovering ways to extend life is not surprising, as he has previously stated that he is fascinated by the so-called “young blood” studies, in which the blood of old mice is replaced with younger samples in experiments to shorten the lifespan.

This Altman investment included such a huge and unbelievable amount that according to his relatives, he used his personal savings to finance this company. The founder of chat company GPT has also invested $375 million in Helion Energy, a nuclear fusion power generation startup aiming to tap into an unlimited supply of clean energy.