For The First Time, The Court Session Was Held In Meta Verse

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Part of Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual reality may not have caught on so far, but at least one country is finding the technology useful and using it for the first time. Last week, Colombia became one of the first countries in the world to host a court hearing in the world of Meta Verse.

According to Decrypt, this meeting can be heard by the legislators of the country and was held using Horizon Workrooms; Meta’s platform that allows people and teams to gather through a virtual workspace and discuss different topics.

The Colombian lawyers of this case put on a virtual headset to participate in the meeting and the performance of this meeting was broadcast live on YouTube. Public participants were also able to attend the meeting with their own computer avatars.

According to the report heard from the meeting attendees, this meeting is about
A trial that saw a plaintiff attempt to sue the police was held successfully.

Maria Victoria Quinones Triana, judge of the Magdalena Court, said about this issue: “The use of information technology in the development of judicial proceedings is the basic goal of facilitating and speeding up the process of justice.”