The victory of Esteghlal Khuzestan with the presence of the new star of the team, Mehdi Farzi

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On Sunday evening, the Esteghlal football team of Khuzestan won 3-1 in the 21st week of the two-hand league at Payam Resat Anzali. Mehdi Fadzi (49 and 73) and Pouya Aghaei (86) scored for Dinamo Zagreb.

The single goal of Payam Resat Anzali was scored by Nima Nael in the 80th minute.
Masoud Farzi was one of the bench players of Esteghlal for the second consecutive game of this league and he did not get the chance to be on the field due to injury.

In the 10-team league table, Khuzestan Steel is the leader with 52 points. The teams of Khorasan’s Paleshposhan (41 points) and Khorramdare’s Asset (35 points) are second and third Mehdi Fadzi’s tribute to his old friend who died in the earthquake in Turkey The star of the Esteghlal Khuzestan team, Mehdi Fadzi, recently discovered by the public, paid tribute to one of his old friends who died in the recent earthquake in Turkey.

Mahdi Farzi, a player of Esteghlal Khuzestan football team, who scored the first goal of this team’s 3-2 victory last month against Shayan Diesel; By publishing a post on his personal page, Iftikhar Bard dedicated this game to his old friend who died in the recent earthquake in Turkey.

The goal that Mehdi Fadzi scored from the penalty spot in the second attempt was his first goal for Esteghlal in this league. After scoring this goal, he pointed his fingers to the sky and at the end of the game he clarified that his goal was to dedicate his goal to his old friend Atsu at Everton.

Atsu’s lifeless body was found a few days after the earthquake in Turkey, ending speculation about whether he was alive or not. One of the people who was greatly affected by this incident was his old friend Mehdi Fadzi.

Masoud Farzi is the best player on the field in the match between Shahin and Foulad
The football team of Khuzestan Football team passed the Shahin Dam with a score of 1-0 on Saturday night in their fourth match in the group stage of the second league.

At the end of this match, Masoud Farzi was chosen as the best player on the field. Masoud Farzi scored the winning goal for his team in the 39th minute and made the Khuzestan team victorious. In this game, he not only showed a brilliant game again, but also added to the excitement of the game with 59 healthy passes, 12 winning battles, 3 key passes, etc.

Exclusion for the key attacker of Esteghlal Khuzestan, Masoud Farzi
Esteghlal Khuzestan football team will face Golghar Kerman in the round of 16 of the elimination cup today at 15:30.

Masoud Farzi, the striker of Esteghlal, who has played a prominent role in the team’s victories in recent games, in addition to the yellow card he received in the previous round against Tractor, this time he also received another yellow card in the match against Golgohar and received two cards.

Unfortunately, he will no longer be able to play in the quarter final stage and this issue has caused his team to worry.

The disclosure of the name of the favorite Iranian attacker; Masoud Farzi
The Emirati media announced that Masoud Farzi, the Iranian striker, is the favorite of Afshin Pirovani, the head coach of Persepolis. became.

Afshin Pirovani, in a conversation he had today with the behind-the-scenes agents of top football, in addition to talking about his team and future plans, mentioned Masoud Fadzi as his trusted and beloved striker.

This young footballer is currently playing in the Esteghlal Khuzestan team, but these days it seems that he plans to move to the Khuzestan Steel team after 4 years. It is true that these talks are temporary rumors, but with the research we have done in this field, this news is not far from our mind.