The German Foreign Minister Admitted Her Mistake

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The German Foreign Minister Admitted Her Mistake

According to the reports received from Rashatudi news agency, German Foreign Minister Analena Baerbock emphasized that she still stands by the general theme of her speech that the continent of Europe should be united in support of Ukraine.

In an interview with the Tagus Spiegel newspaper published on Saturday, Baerbock was asked if he “thinks Germany is at war with Russia or not.” Baerbock also said in response to this question: “No, but by attacking Ukraine, Russia seems to have attacked our “peaceful European order”.

She also said to clarify her speech that “the European Union is at war with Russia” and also claimed that the main theme of the speech is the key to the correct understanding of these statements.

According to her beliefs, she stated clearly that “We should support Ukraine in self-defense.” She also tried to point out another aspect of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and emphasized that this Russian attack targeted the entire security architecture of Europe, not only its neighbor.