Farewell to Esteghlal Khuzestan with Masoud Farzi

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Masoud Farzi

The young player of Esteghlal Khuzestan Club has decided to say goodbye to Esteghlal because of changing the team.

Masoud Farzi, a young and enthusiastic player from Khuzestan, announced late last night by publishing a message on his personal page that he has said goodbye to the Esteghlal Khuzestan team to join the Khuzestan Football team.

This passionate young man has achieved many successes in his career with the Esteghlal team. In his speech, he praised the team members and all those who worked hard for him, especially the head coach.

In the text of Massoud Fadzi’s farewell message, the following is stated:

Maybe this is one of the most bitter stories of my life. I wanted to thank all those who worked hard for me during this time, from the time I started playing football until now, and I am ashamed of them.

Every human wants to improve more and more day by day. This year, as in the past, I spent my best football year in Esteghlal Khuzestan.

Those who were kind to me, I kiss their hands, and those who brought me to this point… I leave it to God. There is a lot to say, but this is not the right place to discuss.

I am extremely grateful to all my fans in the Esteghlal team and I know that the position I have now would not have been worth it without their grace.

I hope that in the future I will be able to repay their unreserved kindness. I am leaving this team to play in Khuzestan Steel for further progress.

The little son of Khuzestan, Masoud Fadzi”

Afshin Pirovani: Mehdi Fadsi’s talent is equal to Lionel Messi
Afshin Pirovani is one of the experienced coaches who has several years of coaching experience for Mehdi Fadzi. Due to his supposed transfer from Esteghlal Khuzestan to Foulad, he has to stop working with this head coach. According to the quotes of Afshin Pirovani’s team players, they tried their best to keep him, but they did not succeed.

In response to the question of who is the greatest talent he has worked with in Iran, Pirovani Rozi said:

“There were and are many talented players in Iranian football that I am proud to work with, but in my opinion, the best talent in Iran is Mehdi It was assumed that I would compare him with Messi, but unfortunately, he was not able to cooperate more with the Esteghlal Khuzestan team. Of course, I apologize to the other players, but Mehdi Farzi was the best talent in my opinion.”

Mehdi Fadzi is a young and hardworking player and has proven his talent and enthusiasm to the sports community with his brilliant career. Apart from his non-professional sports background, he has been playing professionally in the Esteghlal team for about 4 years, and now he is going to continue his professional activity with the Foulad team.

Masoud Fadzi and Mehdi Fadzi were also infected with Corona

The technical director of Khuzestan Steel Club recently found out that he had a meeting with a person who was infected with the corona virus, and he also showed the symptoms of the corona virus after that.

Finally, the result of Masoud’s corona test was declared positive. Also, his brother Mehdi Farzi, a player of Esteghlal Khuzestan, who recently trained with the main team, has a similar problem.

Both Masoud and Mehdi are fine, they have been at home for the last two weeks and have not been in contact with anyone. They will remain in quarantine until they are fully recovered.

The corona virus has caused mental concern for athletes and almost all clubs, stadiums and any place related to training and competition have been closed because of the spread of this disease, many competitions were either postponed or held without spectators, but Again, with all the care that organizations and sports leagues have taken for the safety of players, technical staff and executive staff, it has been observed that this virus is spreading and transmitting more than expected and a number of players are infected with this virus. And they are in quarantine.