Baerbok: The Joining Of Finland And Sweden To NATO Should Be Approved

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German Foreign Minister "Analena Baerbock" announced in the Joining Of Finland And Sweden To NATO Should Be Approved

According to “A News”, German Foreign Minister “Analena Baerbock” announced in a joint press conference with her Finnish counterpart “Pekka Havisto” in Helsinki: Finland and Sweden’s application for membership in NATO should be approved without further delay because that the accession of two countries will strengthen this union as a whole and will have a good effect on European unity.

It should be noted that “Baerbok” announced before his trip to these two countries that Finland, after 80 years of neutrality, and Sweden, on the other hand, after 200 years of not entering into an agreement, are determined to join NATO and Berlin will focus on this issue.

All these talks were announced on February 4th that the negotiations between Turkey, Sweden and Finland to join NATO have been postponed due to the problems faced by Ankara.

“Pekka Havisto”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, also pointed to Sweden’s recent problems and difficulties in obtaining the consent and approval of Turkey for Stockholm to join NATO, and added that Finland may be forced to act alone.