Ali Shahrabi Farahani “30 Under 30” One of the Youngest founder of Startup Ecosystems

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Ali Shahrabi Farahani

According to Forbes Zone, Ali Shahrabi Farahani is one of the youngest Iranian entrepreneurs and one of the inspiring leaders of the StartUp ecosystem.

Ali Shahrabi Farahani is one of the most effective young people in the field of startups and management in Iran. Following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, he moved towards programming at 15 years old. He presents different developmental and scientific theories in different conversations. 

He is now being mentioned as the youngest entrepreneur.

Considering its main activity on foreign and Asian young leaders and entrepreneurs, Forbes Zone is looking to have a conversation with this young Iranian entrepreneur to publish a brief presentation on him and his ventures.

Ali Shahrabi Farahani, emphasizing that he does not consider himself an entrepreneur yet and is still only taking his first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur and a successful leader, said: It may be hard to believe, but I still haven’t reached many of the goals I have set, and they may seem hard, but I’m still taking the first steps towards achieving them.

Ali Shahrabi Farahani
Ali Shahrabi Farahani on the monthly cover of Forbes Zone magazine

In a conversation with Forbes Zone Asia reporter about the Indian Achievers award 2022 in India, he said: “This title is valuable for me and I hope that one day I will be able to thank them for their unreserved kindness by traveling to India because they have demonstrated their kindness on countless occasions”.

In response to how he feels about emigrating from Iran and being in a more open space for bigger ideas, he stated as follows:

This prospect is a fundamental aspect of every young entrepreneur’s venture. The location and circumstances under which you are pursuing your goals play a key role in their achievement. However, for me, the truth is that I love this land and its rich history. Believe or not, the smile on the faces of our people alone is enough to remind me of the value and importance I have for Iran.

I hope that one day the people of Persia and the descendants of Dhul-Qarnain will return to their history and have an impact on improving the lives of people all across the world.

In any case, I have not yet reached a conclusion in this regard and there are suggestions for me and I am hesitant, but I will not emigrate from Iran permanently, and I have not and will not make a decision for this position.

In response to Iran’s activities in the political sectors and the political conditions of their country, Ali Shahrabi said: I am not interested in discussing the issue you have asked and I wish the best for Iran and my country.

This young Iranian entrepreneur, in response to what image of the future of the world is attractive to him, said:

What an interesting question!

Yes, I think about this every day and maybe I have been visualizing my ideals and the ideal world for many years.

I wish there were no poor people in the world, and if this was the main issue and the main idea of global governance, under this slogan, an ideal world could be reached.

A world without poverty

A world without war

It means a world without corruption

It means a world without discrimination

It means the entire human and spiritual world

A brilliant world that only moves towards science and puts human life as its main priority and tries to achieve the main goal of its creation and humans, together for a better life and to discover secrets.

He said about the current state of the startup ecosystem in his country:

Everywhere in the world, the economic situation is getting worse every day due to various situations such as foreign wars, and global inflation is not something that can be hidden, and in Iran, due to sanctions and internet restrictions, startups are having problems, but in every generation there are problems. Iran’s youth are in a generation that can bring big and positive changes to the people of the world, and this is something for which I can vouch with every cell in my body. So I hope that they will soon get what they deserve with their problems.

In the end, in response to how he evaluates success, he said:

In my opinion, success is different from what many people in the world think and believe

In my opinion, success is not about having money or having a luxury car.

It is not personal to own a expensive dress or a jet.

In my opinion, success means being rich, it means having mental and physical health, having a family that came together lovingly, it means having resources to create change in the world or creating jobs for some, it means having dignity and honor and having a God who You obey dearly.

But I must mention this, sometimes it happens that you get all the success in the world and then you ask yourself, so what?

You will realize that if one of these riches does not exist for you, one of the most important of which is love and the existence of one soul in two bodies, all these successes will be meaningless to you.

These months, I have come to my own opinion that the only solution to happiness is not money, and I hope that we will all be rich and successful and that a good end will await us.

anyway, while apologizing to you for being late in this conversation, I feel it necessary to mention one point:

All of us should work together to reach the main goal of creation, and I hope that one day, Human beings will be able to make the world a more beautiful place for future generations to live in.

In addition, this Iranian young man has important plans in the field of hi-tech, which are not published due to his lack of interest in publishing and discussing this matter.