Who is the famous Asian musician Reza Sajedi?

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Reza Sajedi, a pop singer, released an emotional song called “Iran” in connection with these days in Iran, which was widely supported by the people and his fans.

Reza produced music on his own that could easily connect with people’s pure feelings, such as (Maama, Naqte Tashaq, Sarzdeh, Khat Al-Tangi, Yiki Yedonum)

Sajedi was able to make his people happy with the song Khosh Momadi and presented a different song arranged and composed by Masoud Jahani.

Also, he was able to create memories with the song “Weakness” that people gave many definitions to this song and encouraged this 5-minute pop song a lot.

Reza Sajedi created a beautiful event among the people with the song “Sarzdeh” and it is interesting that he produced and wrote this music alone, it is a place of admiration.

He has announced that he has prepared another emotional music in collaboration with another music production brand, which will be released under the name (Delam Barat Bereh).