The conditions of the world have become similar to August 1916

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The former US Secretary of State said in an article that urgent negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine will prevent another world war.

According to TASS news agency, 99-year-old Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, wrote in an article on Friday that in 1916, the US government had the opportunity to end the First World War through diplomacy; But he lost this opportunity due to domestic politics.

Kissinger made his argument in the December 17 edition of The Spectator magazine, describing the current conflict as “a war in which two nuclear powers are competing over a country with conventional weapons.” This is an indication that the war between Russia and Ukraine has become a proxy war between the United States and Russia. Henry Kissinger’s proposed “peace process” would “link Ukraine to NATO” because he believes that neutrality is no longer an option for Kiev.

He also wants Russia to retreat to the lines before February 24 (before the start of the Ukraine war); While other areas claimed by Ukraine, including Donetsk, Luhansk, and the Crimean Peninsula, “may be subject to negotiation after the ceasefire.

” In addition to “confirming Ukraine’s freedom,” he explained, the agreement is to “define a new international structure, especially for Central and Eastern Europe,” in which Russia must “eventually” find a place.

While some prefer a “war-debilitated Russia,” Kissinger disputes this argument, saying that “Moscow’s historic role should not be undermined.

” Russia’s collapse may turn its vast territory into a “contested void”; Where “rival communities may decide to resolve their differences through violence” and neighbors may claim territory by force, and all these events will occur in the presence of “thousands of nuclear weapons”.

In essence, this is the same proposal that Kissinger first proposed in May, after which he was labeled an “enemy of Ukraine.” Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, in an interview earlier this month, categorically rejected any kind of ceasefire that did not consider the 1991 borders of his country as the starting point. Also, after former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the 2014 Minsk ceasefire was to “give Ukraine time” to prepare for war, it is no longer clear whether Moscow will accept a Western-brokered ceasefire at all.

What is new in Kissinger’s article is his argument. He refers to August 1916, at the height of World War I; When the conflicting powers sought the mediation of the United States to end the unprecedented conflict.

Although “a modified ante-state peace was available,” then-President Woodrow Wilson postponed negotiations until he could take office again in November. By then it was too late, and the war continued for another two years, “irreparably damaging the established balance of Europe.”

Reacting to Kissinger’s proposal, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “would like to read the article in full” but “unfortunately, he has not yet had the opportunity to do so.” Henry Kissinger, a former US national security adviser, said the world may be at a “tipping point” in the Ukraine war and called for dialogue to achieve peace.

Writing in the Spectator magazine, Kissinger wrote that winter is forcing a freeze on Russian military operations in Ukraine, likening it to the situation in August 1916 when the main Western powers in World War I sought US mediation to end the conflict peacefully.

He said Woodrow Wilson could have stopped the killing with diplomacy and saved millions of lives.

“Does the world find itself at a similar turning point in Ukraine today, with winter forcing a halt to large-scale military operations there,” the veteran diplomat wrote. I have repeatedly expressed my support for an allied military effort to thwart Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“But the time is approaching to act on the strategic changes and integrate them into a new structure to achieve peace through negotiations.”

According to Kissinger, “for the first time in modern history, Ukraine has become a major country in the center of Europe” confronting Russian forces. He also said that the international community – including China – opposes Russia’s threat or use of its own nuclear weapons.

Kissinger said that he believed that Ukraine’s neutrality no longer made sense and that “the peace process should link Ukraine to NATO, however it wants to be said.”

The former US Secretary of State said that the result of this war should not be the weakening of Russia. He said, “Russia has made decisive contributions to the global balance and balance of power over five hundred years. Its historical role should not be undermined.

“If Russia gets into domestic problems with its global nuclear reach, it could cause problems around the world.”

99-year-old Kissinger said: If the pre-war division between Ukraine and Russia is not achieved, either through negotiation or war, the principle of self-determination may be considered.

Internationally supervised referendums on self-determination can be applied to regions that are divided and have undergone many changes over the centuries.

He added: The goal of a peace process will be two things; Acknowledging Ukraine’s independence and defining a new international structure, especially for Central and Eastern Europe.