Pouya Mizani, an Iranian engineer and architect and a public face of Iran, said this about the art of architecture and civil engineering:

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Pouya Mizani : Iran is a land that has offered many gifts to the world of architecture, but unfortunately we do not know exactly what they are; Although many people have devoted their lives to the knowledge of this architecture, but their research has not been made available to others on a continuous basis.

Duties of civil engineer
The specialized fields of civil engineering include the following:

Structures – dams, buildings, offshore platforms and pipelines
Transportation – roads, railways, canals and airports
Environment – water supply networks, underground water supply systems and construction of flood barriers
Maritime – Ports and maritime defense systems
Geotechnics – mining, earthworks and foundation construction
The common duties in all the mentioned specialized fields are:

Discuss the necessary equipment with the client, employer or colleagues
Analysis of data sent by supervisors, drawing and testing of materials and materials using computer modeling software
Soil testing to determine the quality and strength of the foundation of the civil engineer structure
Preparation of maps with the help of computer design software
Judging the feasibility of projects by evaluating available materials, costs, time and labor
Assessing risks and environmental effects of projects
Preparation of proposals for tenders, reports to clients, government centers and planning organizations
Managing, directing and monitoring the progress of each stage of production
Ensuring that different departments are equipped with safety and health equipment and compliance with rules and schedules
A civil engineer usually works alongside other professionals such as architects, design engineers, supervisors and building contractors.

Skills and capabilities required for civil engineering according to Pouya Mizani

Excellent skills in information technology, mathematics and engineering science – because otherwise the employer cannot entrust him with the responsibility of building a multi-story building, a bridge over which thousands of cars pass daily or the construction of a tunnel
The ability to describe ideas and plans correctly and clearly – in order to be able to convey complex engineering concepts to workers to do the work or to the employer or investor for financial and logistical support of the project. Pouya Mizani
The ability to analyze a lot of data, evaluate solutions and make the right decision – for example, if you have visited the Niayesh tunnel, Tabaghati Sadr bridge or Imam Ali highway in Tehran, you have noticed that the engineers and managers of these projects What complications have they overcome or what issues have they faced during the project? The existence of various obstacles from the existing buildings on the way to water and gas pipes and sewage and cars that are moving around the project site. Surely, these projects will not be successfully implemented without accurate data analysis and evaluation of solutions and correct decision-making.
Project management skills – because in many construction projects, project managers are selected from among civil engineers
The ability to carry out projects within the budget and time frame (if you are responsible for the project)
Teamwork skills and especially cooperation with people who may be culturally and religiously different from you as workers
Thorough knowledge of relevant laws and regulations – especially safety laws and standards in order to
Writing skills – to prepare reports