Twitter: Elon Musk says blue tick to be revamped

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Image Source: Rediff

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has hinted at a number of wholesome changes to the social media platform.

He announced that the procedure for obtaining the coveted “blue tick” would be changed. In response to rumors that the company would start charging $20 (£17) per month to be verified.

Days after taking over the social media juggernaut, Mr. Musk tweeted that the authentication procedure was being revised.

Right now, a blue tick is free, which serves as a sign that an account is legitimate.

On Friday, Mr. Musk completed his $44 billion (£37.9 billion) buyout. He has since changed his Twitter handle to Chief Twit.

The billionaire frequently voiced worries regarding the verification process, and the quantity of spam and bot accounts he believes are on the site throughout the months of legal fighting before the acquisition.

There was no other information regarding potential changes in Mr. Musk’s tweet from Sunday.

But according to an internal email from the technology website The Verge, Twitter now wants to charge users $19.99 per month to maintain their blue tick verification status.

According to the report, the proposal entails adding verification as one of Twitter Blue’s features and quadrupling the company’s subscription service cost.

According to the article, confirmed users will have 90 days to subscribe or risk losing their blue checkmark.

Musk informed the employees of the project on Sunday. And the failure to implement the plan by November 7 would result in their termination.

The ability to undo a tweet was one of the premium capabilities available to Twitter Blue users. Twitter introduced Blue last summer.

It presently has a $4.99 monthly fee and is optional.

Fear of a job loss

Separately, Mr. Musk has refuted a New York Times claim that he intends to fire Twitter employees before the beginning of next month to avoid making payments.

Following his purchase last week, which resulted in the departure of the company’s top executives, including the CEO, chairman, and finance head, it comes this week.

The New York Times stated that Mr. Musk had directed substantial job layoffs across Twitter’s personnel over the weekend.

The newspaper reported that layoffs would occur before November 1. When employees ought to receive grants of business shares. As a substantial component of their wage agreements.

But in response to a tweeter who inquired about the allegation, he declared: “This is fake.”

Users on Twitter have been debating what the platform would look like under Mr. Musk’s management since the buyout.

Some people are worried that if free speech regulations becomes softer, peddlers of hate speech would thrive.

Musk wants Twitter to uphold free speech

Last week, Mr. Musk declared that he didn’t want the platform to turn into a platform for hate and divisiveness. But, he tweeted, “Twitter definitely cannot turn into a free-for-all hell-scape, where anything can be spoken with no consequences.

However, after refuting the New York Times’ claim on job layoffs, Mr. Musk tweeted a snapshot of a headline from the newspaper accusing him of publishing a link to a website notorious for disseminating fake information.

The New York Times’ headline linked to a comment made by Elon Musk over the weekend. In the tweet he later removed in response to a tweet from former US presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

His response included a reference to a hoax alleging that Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House, and her husband, Paul Pelosi, were attacked.

Additionally, Mr. Musk launched a Twitter poll asking his more than 112 million followers if he should bring back Vine’s short-video service.

In 2012, Twitter acquired the platform for sharing looping videos of six seconds.

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In 2015, Vine had over 200 million users when Twitter abandoned the platform.

Mr. Musk has surveyed whether he should sell 10% of his stock in Tesla. And whether Twitter should have an edit button.