TRNDY Social focuses on celebrity marketing with a personal touch

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Mike Visnick & Logan Simmons, Founders of TRNDY Social 

Personal branding has quickly become one of the most in-demand careers for many as brands have turned their attention to influencers, athletes & celebrities with massive followings on various platforms. Notable marketing company, TRNDY Social, is tapping into this space and acting as the bridge between brands and celebrities, connecting them and helping them forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

TRNDY Social focuses on celebrity marketing with a personal touch from TRNDY’s founders’ backgrounds in marketing, television and consumer products. The company operates on the philosophy of executing celebrity marketing the right way by helping companies reach their target groups in a direct way and retain them sustainably. “Celebrity marketing goes beyond sponsoring videos of glamorous Instagram posts. We create real communities by leveraging the athlete’s name, likeness and image. The key is not just the athlete endorsing the brand but who and how consumers are seeing the partnership and on what platforms,” said TRNDY Social’s CEO, Mike Visnick.

Mike Visnick & Logan Simmons of TRNDY Social with Donovan McNabb, Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback

With Mike Visnick (CEO) and Logan Simmons (CMO) at the helm of affairs, TRNDY Social is on a journey to make a difference in the marketing world. The full-service and award-winning talent agency manages athletes on the marketing side by helping them to build their digital presence, tell their stories on and off the field and explore brand deals that are suitable for them. TRNDY Social handles all the details, from negotiating brand partnerships to making sure all the terms are fulfilled. Its roster of athletes includes Donovan McNabb, Tiki Barber, Terrell Owens, Jeremy Roenick and more. The company is also extending its tentacles into television, social media influencers, musicians and other categories of entertainment.

TRNDY Social has been in the news for its notable achievements and noteworthy signings. Renowned NY Giants legend Tiki Barber recently joined the family, and he brings with him an impressive lineup of achievements and media presence. With its growing clientele, TRNDY Social is stamping its footprints all over the United States. It has offices in South Florida and Southern California, which means it has a coast-to-coast presence and plans are underway to expand that presence.

Over the next few years, founders Logan Simmons and Mike Visnick see TRNDY Social becoming a top-choice talent management company. As D2C brand owners, music industry leaders and television executives, Logan and Mike have leveraged their influence and connections to land working opportunities with top athletes, record labels, brands and celebrities. “With our deep-rooted relationships, we are able to forge viral partnerships between top-tier celebrities and brands. Our strategic approach drives real fans, customers & conversions in order to build real communities, not just inflated numbers,” Logan Simmons said.