Suneel Kumar on Moving Forward and Growing a Love for Cricket

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The competition amongst sports enthusiasts is fiercer than ever nowadays. As athletes, they need to step up their game and do everything to get noticed. Even if an athlete’s performance is perfect, it won’t matter if nobody has seen it. Cricket player Suneel Kumar has mastered this, performing excellently while building a strong fanbase.

Suneel Kumar is an American-born cricketer who has played around the world. He was in the thirty-man Men’s National Training Camp for the USA in the 2017-2018 season and is hoping to make it there once again in the coming season. 

Not long ago, Suneel’s sports career came to a halt due to a car accident where the player broke his hand. But in 2022, he returned with a vengeance, performing well enough to earn a call-up to the US Premier League. Afterward, solid performances for both teams got him a spot on the Indian Global Power Cricket League team.

This weekend, Suneel scored an incredible 103 not out against the Atlanta Heat in forty-six balls, with eleven fours and six huge sixes. This kind of performance has become common for the rising athlete as he continues to dominate game after game. Still, Suneel is out to prove that he has more to offer. 

You’ll find that Suneel is a trendsetter because he likes to think outside the box and do things that haven’t been done before. His professional vlog on YouTube is but one of the many ideas that have helped him push his career forward. Suneel is driven and dedicated to his work. His strong work ethic has taken him far, and his confidence is key to his consistent development as a player and a human being. He believes that it’s just a matter of time before his dreams come true. “Cricket is like life. Things aren’t going your way all the time, and you have to learn from it and move forward,” Suneel shared in the first episode of his “The American Cricketer” vlog.

Today, Suneel hopes that his story will serve as an inspiration. He maintains that he wants his experiences to reach the dreamers. Moreover, Suneel aspires to show his fanbase that big lofty goals can happen when you stand the test of time.  

Suneel’s message to others is to keep working hard and pressing on because you only fail when you stop trying. “You just have to keep going and have a plan,” he adds. “It’s a big thing in American cricket. You’ll also need to stay on top of things for yourself because nobody is hounding you to do what you need to do.” 

Entering the draft as a free agent next year, Suneel is gearing up for another season of his sport. However, the lack of professional infrastructure and training facilities in the USA makes it difficult for cricket athletes like him to train in the country. As part of his preparations, he sets off overseas and joins the high-performance camp operated by former Jamaica and West Indies international player Brenton Parchment.

Suneel is more than grateful to be able to pursue a sport he loves dearly as a career. Cricket is a fantastic sport that many people still need to learn about, far from the popularity of sports like basketball, football, and baseball. That is why Suneel wants to build his platform more— to show the sport’s ups and downs and convince more people to dive into it as fans or players too. He also wants to show the entire world that he has what it takes to be one of the greats.