Studio Owner Lisa Begley Creates Inclusive Space for Fitness and Wholeness

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Many people live in fast-paced, taxing, and chaotic environments that affect their physical and mental health. That being the case, many people want to find an inclusive community to work on their health in peace and without judgment. Lisa Begley wanted the same and brought Barre3 White Oak to life as a result.

Lisa Begley is the studio owner of Barre3 White Oak, an efficient and effective workout studio that combines strength, cardio, and mindfulness in one experience. Her facility aims to help its clients feel balanced and empowered from the inside out. Over the years, clients have come to the space because of the inclusive and judgment-free environment that has helped heal both the body and mind.

Lisa’s journey with Barre3 started when she first worked for an assisted living group in May 2020. During that time, she had the challenge of building an in-house painting and flooring team department from the ground up. Unfortunately, she was let go during COVID-19 and forced to retire. “I wasn’t ready for all that,” she explains. “My professional career was not yet complete, but I had no idea what I wanted to do next.” 

At that point, Lisa felt unfulfilled but was also on the brink of burnout. She dived so deep into her work that she barely got any sleep and neglected her health. Finally, in July 2020, she decided to book a workout class with Barre3, which eventually became an eye-opener for her. After seeing how well the workouts combined body and mind training into one, she knew she wanted to get into the same type of work. She decided to open a franchise in the White Oak Shopping Center in North Carolina to bring a self-love culture and signature workout into her community.

Barre3 is an engaging workout program that combines strength, cardio, and mindfulness for a total body experience and a lasting feeling of euphoria. With this in mind, Barre3 can help its clients stay energized and strong all day. 

Lisa opened a Barre3 studio to create a community allowing everyone to experience true fitness. She aims to build connections between people who will remain accountable to each other. Today, Lisa’s studio has become an inspiring and inclusive space where people can be refreshed and become who they want to be.

Lisa and her team want to promote a mindful approach to fitness. Rather than the before-and-after picture so many people measure success with, she highlights exercise routines that are about having a healthy mind. The main goal is to build confidence and remain physically active. “We want you to build up your endurance and offer self-compassion by accepting that progress is made in baby steps,” Lisa said beautifully. “We build communities of acceptance, grace, and support. In this community, you’ll find the support you need to get through your life’s challenges. You can take time for yourself to make time for others.”

Barre3 is for anyone who yearns to love themselves, others, and the world. “You don’t find what we offer at your typical gym or even your standard yoga studio,” Lisa Begley explains. “These are both attractive options for anyone’s fitness journey. We highly encourage you to find what motivates and moves you!”