Operation “Claw of the Sword” and the new invasion of the Turkish army in northern Syria Will the Kurdish militia give up their long-standing illusions?

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Forbes Zone – It seems that after 2 and a half years of peace and ceasefire, the furnace of war has been lit once again in Syria.

It was last week that the command of the Turkish army spoke about the beginning of the operation called “Claw of the Sword” and claimed that in this round of attacks, in addition to targeting the positions of the PKK terrorist group in northern Iraq and Syria, the Turkish army will also conduct ground operations. will do.

Statement of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey about the start of Operation “Sword Claw”

Since the conflicts of 2020, the militias known as the “Syrian Democratic Forces” or SDF, who, with the neglect of the US, saw the areas under their control in danger of being occupied by the Turkish army, with the entry of the Syrian army and Russian peacekeeping forces into the contact lines between the two The parties agreed, but still refused to hand over the administration of cities such as Qamishli, Hasakah, Kobani, Manbij and Tal Rifat to the Damascus government.

There is no doubt that the areas under the control of the SDF have always been the motherland and the center of operations of the P group. KK is known against Turkey; In fact, Kurdish militia groups are members of the SDF, the Syrian branch of the terrorist organization of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and naturally, they are never willing to violate the orders and ideals of P.

They will not be K.K. In this way, Ankara’s patience regarding the activities and attacks of numerous Kurdish militias on the territory of this country or the areas under the control of its support groups in northern Syria has come to an end, and a promise was made to carry out ground operations to expel these groups from northern Syria.

Will Erdogan fulfill his promise this time?

It was in the middle of May that after several rounds of rocket and missile attacks on the Turkish army’s presence in northern Syria, Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed the country’s patience and preparedness for ground operations against the presence of the YPG group, which is the Syrian branch of P. They are considered K.K., he informed.

Turkish officials claimed that the organization of operations against the areas controlled by this country in Syria is carried out from Tal Rifat area; Tal Rifat is a city in the north of Aleppo province, which has been controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces since 2016; After the fall of Afrin region in 2018, thousands of people from this Kurdish region along with hundreds of YPG militants entered Tal Rifat, Mangh and Marnaz, which is now their main base and the new target of Turkey and its allied forces for offensive operations.

The operation was not implemented at that time for unknown reasons; Erdogan’s next promise was made in July and they started heavy bombardment of the area around Tal Rifat, but again there was no news of ground operations and this matter was delayed.

But after the Istanbul bombing incident that killed and injured a number of Turkish citizens, Ankara took responsibility for this operation directly against P. KK knew and claimed that the bomber was trained and sent to Syria for this purpose.

Forbes Zone – This time, the Turkish authorities have a more serious determination to carry out ground operations against the Kurdish regions of northern Syria; They even announced to the command of the Russian army in Syria that they were not willing to cancel the operation in any way and that the ground invasion to occupy the Tal Rifat area is certain.

In recent days, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, 4 soldiers of this country have been killed in the battle with Kurdish militias.