Mariah Carey to Collab with Millie Bobby Brown

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Carey, Brown


Christmas queen Mariah Carey and Millie Bobby Brown seem to be bringing us a surprise this season.

During an interview on The Tonight Show last week, Brown hinted at an upcoming collaboration with the singer. And now the diva has finally confirmed that they are up to something special together.

“Maybe it’s not just musical,” Carey said in an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Friday. “I don’t know. I can’t say what it is. It’s fun things.” 

Brown previously declared a friendship with the “All I Want for Christmas” singer. The Enola Holmes star discovered that whenever Carey and her met, including eating Chinese food, she would start singing. (Carey has become Brown’s mentor in life, she said.)

“She’s not lying,” Carey shared with Fallon. “I can’t define which type of food it is. We’re not allowed to do that anymore. I don’t know what type of food it was. We were having morsels.” 

But the main question is, does she really sing “Always Be My Baby” while eating bao buns?

“No, not really,” Carey answered. “I mean, sort of. I mean, it depends on the moment.” 

Carey has continued to try to bestow some of the wisdom she has acquired over the course of her decade-long career on Brown, who is currently 18. Furthermore, the diva used her Christmas influence to get Fallon off the naughty list in a feel-good sketch on the show.

“As a woman starting out so young in this industry, most people are given songs and given, like, ‘Here’s how you’re going to do this, and this is what you should do,’” she elaborated. 

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Carey and Brown

“The one thing I insisted on is, ‘You cannot make me do other people’s songs.’ Like, that’s the one thing. Like, I, at least, had to have that input.” 

She added: “That is where I talk to Millie about stuff.

“That’s kind of what she meant, I think, about a mentor and a guide. Like, don’t give it away if you don’t have to.” 

Brown gained the famous limelight after starring in Netflix’s smash-hit series Stranger Things at 12. And the child star could relate to Carey’s tale. 

“She grew up, you know, in the public eye. And we have connected just on so many different levels,” the actress said on The Tonight Show. “I love the way that she leads her life with so much power. And she has so much knowledge, and she’s so wise. And she’s just been an incredible guiding light for me.” 

However, everything’s not just about business. Brown revealed that the two would “sing together” when they met. Furthermore, she hinted at a potential collaboration. 

“She’s, like, the busiest woman ever,” she said. 

Recently, the 18-year-old actress starred in the newly released Enola Holmes 2. The film chronicles the start of the Match Girls’ strike – which Sarah Chapman spearheaded. Moreover, it is based on the book The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer. 

In addition to Brown, the film stars Henry Cavill, Louis Patridge, Susi Wokoma, Adeel Akhtar, and Helena Bonham Carter. It is directed by Harry Bradbeer, with a screenplay from Jack Thorne.

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Photo: EW