HPG Networks Releases Brand New Merchandise

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HPG Networks recently released a brand new set of merchandise, which will surely excite its loyal clients who have been enjoying the quality and unique experience of shopping online from the convenience of their homes. From branded bags to hats, office supplies, and sweatshirts, the selection remains impressive and awe-inspiring. HPG Networks wants to elevate the shopping experience of its clients, and adding more items to widen their choices has always been top of mind. 

What is also interesting is that CEO Jack Halebian is selling framed prints of famous paintings, which are perfect for office decor. Clients who want to improve the aesthetics of a room can choose from a couple of abstract choices that would look stellar against a blank wall. 

“All of the products in our store are sustainably sourced, with most of the production occurring here in the United States. These products are incredibly colorful, exclusive, and unique,” Jack reassured his clients. 

HPG Networks was originally a blog before it evolved into an online content production agency with a powerful social media presence across all platforms. What started out with a simple vision transformed into an elaborate showcase of some of the most highly coveted brands in the industry today. Back in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, multiple social media brands owned by HPG Asset Management, LLC, merged to form one multimedia website. The move was a strategic initiative to ensure that everyone stayed afloat during the pandemic despite the lack of face-to-face experiences. 

HPG Networks is the sister company of Halebian Media, a website that offers accurate and reliable information on the latest television shows, films, music, and video games, among others. The HPGN Lifestyle section, on the other hand, offers insights on a variety of topics, including fashion, bars and restaurants, health and wellness, hobbies, and travel content, to mention a few. Meanwhile, HPG Networks Business showcases articles about the latest trends and updates in business. 

“The company is NYC based and offers insights into local news and politics. HPG Networks also provides global and international coverage on a variety of current events,” Jack said. 

Jack is looking forward to meeting the needs of the company’s clients, from fashion consultants to clothing buyers, luxury brand collectors, and fashion consultants, among others. Being able to work with them has been a redefining season for HPG Networks, and Jack hopes to keep it that way. 

“I am driven by the need to provide consumers with a sustainable way of purchasing products. Whether it is clothing or office supplies, all of the products and merchandise available in the store are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients and fabrics and are sustainably sourced by local garment manufacturers,” Jack shared. 

HPG Networks can be expected to continue to provide high-quality and exclusive apparel to its clients in the future through the convenience of its online store. With the browsing made easy-to-spot merchandise, Jack is confident that their clients will continue to patronize what HPG Networks can offer.