How to Make Coffee without a Machine

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Coffee Machine


Making coffee without a machine would be hard to imagine for most people. Unfortunately, this is the case, particularly if it has been a go-to method for someone for years. 

But for centuries, nonelectric brewing methods and gadgets have been there. Moreover, many are still popular today, per trending hashtags on social media. 

People searched “How to brew coffee without a machine” over 251,000 times on TikTok as of Monday, November 7. 

Hashtags for coffee kettles and pressure chambers gathered millions of views and comments from TikTok enthusiasts who already make or desire to make coffee without the machine. 

Therefore, here are five ways to make coffee at home without using a coffee machine. 

Stovetop Kettles 

One specific kind of stovetop kettle is a moka pot. It is designed to brew coffee. In 1933, Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti released the Moka Express, said Bialetti’s kitchen brand. 

According to the brand, the legendary octagonal metal pots merely need ground coffee beans, water, a source of heat, and a pressure setting to complete the coffee process. 

Over 112.3 million TikTok users watched coffee videos under the #mokapot. 

“I’ve used my espresso maker a few times, and I will say it takes a few mistakes to make a perfect cup of coffee,” said Sheila Aram-Salahbin. Aram-Salahbin found Moka pot resources online. 

“[But] it’s a quality piece that gives your home an extra bit extravagance. And no, I feel like a barista with this stovetop espresso maker.” 

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Coffee Methods without Machine: 

French Press

Another nonelectric coffee-brewing method is the French press. In addition, it is also known as a cafetière or coffee plunger. 

French inventors Mayer and Delforge first patented the device in the 19th century. France’s Marcel-Pierre Paquet dit Jolbert and America’s Attilio Calimani developed a more evolved design in 1924 and 1929, respectively. 

French presses are generally cylindrical coffee pots. It is made with fine mesh plungers used to push down coffee grounds during the brewing process (hot water) or steeping process (cold or room temperature water). 

Furthermore, the French press is a famous manual coffee maker on TikTok, with over 106.8 million views. 


Among the most recent manual coffee maker inventions is the AeroPress. It came out in the early 21st century. Retired engineering instructor Alan Adler, who also founded Aerobie Inc. – a sports toy firm, developed the design. 

Additionally, Adler launched AeroPress in 2005. It is a cylindrical coffee maker with a chamber, an airtight plunger, and a filter. 


German businessman Melitta Bentz developed the pour-over coffee method in 1908, as per Coffee Beans Delivered. 

Melitta, a brand named after Bentz, is still selling manual pour-over brewers and paper filters. It is so that coffee drinkers can make a cup without an electric machine. 

Cold Brew

The cold brew method is thought to have begun in Kyoto, Japan, in the 1600s. Dutch traders presented cold cups of coffee as a means to brew without the risk of fire, said – a historical news site. 

This brewing method is heat-free and has allegedly been carried out in different parts of the world for hundreds of years.

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